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Our roofing team is always professional, friendly and on time for your roofing project in Oakland County MI. We provide the best training to our roofing specialists, so they are knowledgeable about energy efficient shingles, which help to save the environment and reduce your energy costs. They are also ready and willing to answer all your questions. Our reputable roofing company offers the top brands in beauty, including colors, styles, textures and appearances. You simply can’t find a more modern and durable roof that those we install.

We offer:

  • Top technological advanced shingles in the industry
  • Best roofing contractors in Oakland County Michigan
  • Emergency roofing services to help prevent future damage
  • No cost certified roof inspection
  • Insurance assistance with claims and paperwork
  • Experts on call 24/7

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The harsh Michigan summers and winters can really cause a lot of roof damage. That’s why it’s so important to contact a top—rated roofing company like ours to do an interior and exterior roofing inspection. Most homeowners think if they just walk around the perimeter of their home that’s enough for a roof assessment. However, you really need to call a roofing contractor to properly assess any roof damage. Our roofing specialists will look for loose or missing shingles, damage around your attic, holes, tears, buckling, moisture, and other signs of deterioration. We do a complete, thorough evaluation and then sit down with you to discuss our findings.

Trusted roofing manufacturers such as GAF and CertainTeed know the importance of inspecting your roof at least once annually. Our company uses only the best in roofing materials and shingles, so we adhere to their highest standards. You may need a roof repair, roof replacement or new roof installation depending on your situation. We are local and in your neighborhood and just a phone call away at 248-525-6950. When you call us, we’ll get you scheduled right away so you can focus on family time. You shouldn’t have to climb a ladder to inspect your roof – it’s very hazardous and could cause a fall. Our specially trained roofing team has all the right equipment, testing materials, and protective gear they need to ensure safety on the job. We’ll also take care of any city permits and inspections. Just leave the heavy lifting to us.


Many of our customers write, email and call us to tell us how much lower their gas and electric bills are since we installed their new roof. Your neighbors will be envious of your new roof installed by the best roofing contractors in Oakland County MI.  Protection is what it is all about. Heavy rains, hail, snow, ice, wind and hot temperatures over the years leave your roof damaged and low functioning. We offer the top types of roofs including low slope, flat roofs, metal roofing, and energy efficient shingle roofs. In any color or style you wish – we are here to make sure your new roofing experience is a great one.  A sturdy new roof will protect your home and keep it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Therefore, you’ll be able to turn down the dials on both your furnace and air conditioning, resulting in much lower energy bills. What could be better than that?

We deliver service with a smile, every time, on time and here for our customers. We are proud to be a top-rated roofing contractor with happy and satisfied homeowners. We have built strong relationships with local municipal inspectors to make sure your new roof is totally up to code and installed properly. We schedule everything around your lifestyle and commitments and we always offer a lifetime warranty and no-leak guarantee. Check us out if your energy bills are sky high you’d like more money left over each month. New roofs are smarter, environmentally friendly, cost-conscious and look more modern. If your roof is older than ten years, it’s time to have it inspected by our experienced roofing professionals. Call us today for a free quotation. We’ll help you every step of the way so you won’t have any worries or concerns.