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“There’s no place like home” is an expression from a famous movie.  We can all identify with its meaning.  When something happens that affects your home, your living environment such as water in the basement on a rainy day or a musty smell one humid afternoon, you need to react and do something.  Protecting your ‘home’ is critical.


You look somewhat urgently on the internet.  Finding the cause and fixing the problem is imperative.  Your roof is the first place you should consider.  And, engaging the services of a professional team of experts can not only diagnose issues but can resolve your problem in a quick efficient manner.


Welcome to Twelve Oaks Roofing, the top roofing company in Canton, Michigan.  We are rated #1 in roofing repairs, maintenance and installation for over 20 years.  Our family owned business has proven to be the best roofing contractor your money can buy.


Don’t wait till something goes wrong.  Schedule regular inspections and let us maintain your roof.  Keeping your roof in good condition just makes sense.  It protects everything that is important, you, your family, your personal property, and the list goes on.  Call for an appointment anytime at 248-525-6950.


We provide services for residential and commercial property.  Any standing structure that has a roof is a good prospect for us.  We have done it all in our two decades of roofing in Canton, Michigan.  For more detail, review our website at  Some of the detail you will find includes the following:




  • No cost, no obligation inspection
  • Written evaluation and accurate estimate
  • Management supervision throughout project
  • Cleanup thorough and complete
  • Final inspection
  • Follow-up timely


All inspections are free and come with a detailed written evaluation of your roofing needs, your requests and recommendations from us.  An accurate estimate is also provided.


Inspection findings, evaluation, recommendations and estimate are reviewed by a management team member or Project Manager.  Your 100 percent satisfaction is guaranteed.  All that is needed is your approval and we will get to work.


At Twelve Oaks Roofing, we take pride in completing the job fully the first time.  Cleanup and final inspection helps us maintain and give you, our valued customers, the best services possible.  If something is not right after we leave, just contact us and someone will return promptly to make all adjustments.




  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Re-roofing and tear-offs
  • New roof installation
  • Maintenance to gutters and downspouts
  • Chimney and masonry
  • Upgrades such as ventilation and skylights
  • Many more services…


We know we can satisfy any need you have regarding your roof and its system.  It’s what we do.  We are top roofing professionals in Southeastern Michigan.  Certification, licensing and insurance are all qualifications we require from our roofers, contractors and professional staff.




We believe you will find our pricing not only competitive by simply fair.  We get our supplies and materials from top suppliers for many years and have built an outstanding reputation for passing our cost savings on to our customers.


If you come to us with an insurance claim or insurance related work, we will work with the insurance company to get you everything you need in a timely manner.  Customer service and satisfaction is the hallmark of our business.


Please review our website at your convenience.  We are proud of our staff of professional roofers, roofing contractors and the many services we offer and have provided to customers just like you over the years  Call us today and start the new season with services from the top roofing company in Canton, Michigan.


















Shingles come in a wide range of options.