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Finding the Best Oakland County Roofing Contractors for Your Building Project

One of the best things about owning a home is the ability to customize it. Want an extra layer of shelves in the pantry? No problem, you can just build them right in. Want to remodel your garage into a mother-in-law suite? You can do that, too! Big projects and little ones, being a homeowner is about making a house truly yours. Making it the most welcoming and comfortable place for you and your family with a combination of DIY fun and top-notch professional construction.

So when your home renovations or building projects need to involve a roof, no doubt you want to work with the best roofing contractor in Oakland County Michigan. The last thing you want is for your renovated garage, shed, or backyard clubhouse to develop a leak that ruins all your hard work. Or for the roof to blow away in one of our notorious Michigan storms.

So today, we’re here to help you determine exactly what to look for in a roofing service, and which of your local Oakland county options is the best roofing contractor for your project. No matter how big or small that project might be, if it involves the roof then your choice of roofers will matter a great deal.

What Makes a Roofing Contractor the Best Choice for Your Project?

Of course, the term “Best” is always subject to the project, the client, and the experience of your roofers. One roofing service might be the best for a new roof, while another is the best roofing service for repairs. There might be a best roofing service for one budget range that is different than the best option for a different budget. It’s important to know yourself, your goals, and your project budget when deciding who is the best roofing service to help with your current project.

What to Look For in a Roofing Service

  • Understands Your Goals
  • Has Experience with Your Type of Project
  • Can Share Pointers
  • Has Glowing Reviews from Previous Customers
  • Gives a Fair Estimate Within Your Budget
  • Shares Your Vision of the Final Product
  • Is Ready to Get Started

Roofers that Understand Your Goals

The first thing you need to look for is for a roofing service that understands your project goals. You may have a vision of a second chimney rising from a new cozy fireplace, a new roof over your renovated garage, or a custom roof for new guest hose, but without your roofers being on-board, your dream will never become a reality.

Ideally, your roofing service will understand what you’re talking about immediately. You’ll know because their eyes will light up, their voice will sound cheery, and the two of you will be speaking the same language. Type of shingle, pitch angle, and how the new roof design will accent your current roof should all fall into place.

If the first thing you hear are doubts or talk about how your plans aren’t traditional, chances are that it’s time to move on to the next roofing candidate. The best Oakland roofers for your project will be the team who is on board with how you want your project to go. Remember, this is your home customization, your renovation or new structure, and within the bounds of safety it can be whatever you like. So make sure the roofers you choose are on the same page. This way, the final product will effectively make your dream into a reality.

A Team with Experience with Your Type of Project

The next concern is whether or not your roofers are ready to take on the challenge of your project. Most roofing services are more than ready to handle basic repairs or a full reinstallation, because that’s what most people want from a roofing service. Home renovations, on the other hand, are a little more complicated. Inexperienced roofers and new brands may not have the on-team experience to tackle your project if you want something complicated or unusual.

Experienced roofers, on the other hand, are far more likely to have worked with something similar to your project in the past. Whether you’re rebuilding the garage or looking to roof a sturdily built treehouse, talk to your roofing service about their experience with the type of roofing you’re looking for. If they can immediately visualize the project and have a few stories to tell about previous projects that required similar skills or techniques, these are the right roofers for you.

More established roofing brands are also more likely to have old-hand experts on their teams who have seen a larger variety of projects than the younger techs, and may be able to lead the way on making your custom roofing vision into a real-world roofing plan.

Roofing Experts that Share Pointers and Advice

Another great way to tell if you’ve found the best roofing service for your renovation project is if they immediately have a few pointers, tips, or expert advice to share when told about your plans. This often comes in the form of pointed and very specific questions, like whether you’ve thought about how steep your roof should be or exactly the type of shingle you want. They may also make recommendations to slightly alter your plan while maintaining the core idea, like creating an insulated attic space because you have room and it would be easy to do. Or where to put ventilation to improve a healthy rate of snowmelt during the winter.

This kind of expert advice is the hallmark of roofers who know exactly what they’re doing. Expert roofers should not only be able to visualize and write out your roofing plan. They should also have some immediate thoughts on how to optimize your results for the best homeowner experience when the project is done. They may even have a few ideas on how to make your plan more cost-efficient, structurally storm-resistant, or create a more versatile use for the space.

A Brand with Glowing Reviews from Previous Customers

Of course, just talking to your roofers doesn’t always give you all the information you need. It’s a sad but true fact that there are many fake roofing companies out there that take work orders and payment but never complete the job. Others that are actually construction companies who will charge you double to hire their own roofers. The best way to spot the scam artists and sub-quality services is to read the online reviews.

Check out the website of your roofers, along with their reputation on independent sites like Angie’s List or even Yelp. Officially, roofing is categorized as a ‘field service’, meaning they come to your house to do expert work on the property. Look for reviews of any Oakland county roofing service you’re considering hiring. If they have a provable track record of happy customers, then you’re in good hands.

If there are no reviews or a high contrast between good and bad reviews, beware. This could be an unreliable service.

A Fair Estimate that is Within Your Budget

No one likes to talk about money, but with a project this big no doubt you’ve got an idea for your roofing budget. It’s vital that you never settle for less than an optimally safe and high-quality roof, but you can also shop around for a good price. Part of making the best choice in roofers for your project is getting a good price for the project you want to implement.

Here is where roofing expertise really matters. A long-time expert will be able to tell you exactly where you can save money on deals from good shingle brands or the most efficient use of fastening hardware, while a more inexperienced roofer might inflate their estimate with unnecessary complications. Don’t just compare the bottom line of an estimate, but exactly the roofing project that your roofers are estimating -for-.

How much does each estimate assume materials will cost, how much time will it take? And how does that jive with what you talked about when building the plan? Compare estimates carefully to determine the best bargain for the highest quality service.

A Team that Is Ready to Get Started

The final thing to consider is when your roofing team is ready to get started. Naturally, a strong influencer in what is best for your project is what gets your project done quickly. Remember to ask when your project can be scheduled and find a roofing contractor in Oakland county who is available when you want to be finishing up your remodeling or new structure. In some seasons, roofing is in high demand and there may not be an opening for some time.

This is also why you want to start looking for roofing contractors very early in your project. The sooner you find the best roofing service for your project, the easier it will be that you can schedule a service at the right time.

The Best Roofing Contractors in Oakland County Michigan

There are dozens of different custom projects you can do that might require a little custom roofing. Renovating the attic or garage into living areas; building a clubhouse, guesthouse, pool house, or pagoda up in the backyard; or even building out your deck for a relaxing covered patio. Finding the best roofing contractors in Oakland County Michigan is all about matching the needs of your project to the skills and availability of your roofers.

For more information about planning a custom roofing project, contact us today!