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You cannot find a better skylight installation or skylight repair with a better guarantee as that provided by Twelve Oaks Roofing, servicing West Bloomfield, Michigan.   We have established our company as the recognized leader in residential and commercial skylight installation and repair with over 20 years of experience.


Contractors, builders and homeowners alike rely on our expertise for their daylight solutions.  We invite you to explore with us the wonderful benefits of adding a solar product to your home or business today.  Residential and energy tax credits are also available in the state of Michigan



Skylights have become more popular over the years due to their energy saving qualities as well as the charm they bring to a residential or commercial property.  Michigan residents and business owners experience all four seasons.  Late fall and winter months can be particularly dark.  Skylights maximize natural lighting and bring warmth and ambience to your home or business that would not otherwise be possible.  With their beauty and energy saving qualities, skylights come with specialized maintenance and repair concerns.


Skylight and Roofing Maintenance and Inspection

Traditional skylights have a reputation of leaking.  Many times this is an issue of incorrect installation, but their square design invites problems.  The flat-up slope side often collects branches, leaves and other debris.  This results in improper drainage.  As water dams up, it migrates under shingles or tiles to find an escape route causing leaking.


With our no-obligation inspection of the interior and exterior of your roof, we can help you minimize any damage to your property should your skylights be compromised.  Regular maintenance often uncovers small maintenance and repair projects that add to the life of your roof.


Skylight and Roofing Repairs due to Inclement Weather

Our certified, fully licensed contractors are prepared 24/7.  As West Bloomfield’s leader in roofing repairs, maintenance and roofing related upgrades such as ventilation and skylights, we take pride in our quick response to your inquiry as the result of rain, wind or snow conditions.   Most inspections, maintenance and repairs can be done in one day with minimal inconvenience to you, our valued customer.


New Roofing and Skylight Installation

Sometimes it is just not possible or cost effective to repair your roof or skylights.  In this case, new roofing or skylight installation may be necessary.  Our roofing contractors are available to evaluate and help you pick the design, materials and any specialized products you desire to ensure your home or business is brought to the highest standard at the most affordable pricing.


Financing and insurance claims are also serviceable by our contractors.  We will help facilitate all claims on a timely basis.  Your 100 percent satisfaction is guaranteed or your money-back is our standard.


No project is too big or small.  Maintaining the safety, beauty and value of your home or business is our priority at Twelve Oaks Roofing.   Review our website at  for skylight repair and roofing services, and call for your no obligation appointment today at 248-525-6950.