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A home’s overall value is increased when a roof retains its natural beauty and operates at full performance.  There is nothing more unsightly than the presence of mold, mildew or algae.  This is the black streaking or discoloration that is often seen on the roof of an otherwise beautiful home.


Not all shingles are equal.  At Twelve Oaks Roofing, we use only the highest quality materials.  We offer and recommend Scotchgard shingles.  This product is well known for its algae resistance, and thus, our assurance to ‘You’ for long-term algae and stain resistance.  Scotchgard is known for many products.  Review roofing materials at


We have been servicing West Bloomfield, Michigan and neighboring communities for more than 20 years.  We are a roofing company you can trust to provide the most efficient, high quality workmanship, with top rated materials on a timely, cost effective basis.



Over time, black stains on shingles are often thought to be mold, dirt or even fungus.  It is actually a type of algae.  Algae thrive in humid, moist environments and often on shaded areas of a roof.  Shaded areas do not dry easily and retain moisture.  With time, algae blackens.  This is a sign that algae have been present for some time.


We often find that our customers, homeowners, try to remove or clean their roof with power-washers and similar devices along with bleaches and other cleaning solutions.  So while cleaning is a common defense against the blackened streaks and discoloration, it is costly and only temporary.  In addition, cleaning products cause deterioration of the roof shingles not to mention the caustic, harmful affect to shrubs, trees, flowers and to the roof cleaner or homeowner.


Here is what our professional, experienced staff of roofing contractors can do for you and your most valuable investment, your home……



We recommend an annual inspection of the inside and outside of your roofing system.  We do this at NO cost and with NO obligation to you.  We are available 24/7, year-round.  Call us at your convenience to schedule an appointment at 248-525-6950.  Someone will come to your home in a reasonable period of time to do the inspection and give you a written evaluation and estimate.


Our fully insured, certified and bonded roofing experts will work with you to determine what and when you need to service your roof.  Most projects can be completed in a day or two.  We have a staff of roofing contractors ready and able to service your roof in a timely and efficient manner.  Please visit our website for more information about our company at



Regular maintenance is important to keeping your roof in the best possible shape so that it can last many years as well as to keep your home looking beautiful.   In addition, keeping the roof clear of branches, leaves and other debris is necessary to keeping moisture levels down as well as to minimize damage to your roof.  If leaks and loose shingles are obvious, we will do the necessary work to alleviate the situation.




If your roof needs to be replaced, we will help you decide which option is best for your roof.  In addition, the materials to be used will be thoroughly discussed, and you will be intricately involved in the process of planning your new roof from re-roofing to tearing off layers to total new roof installation.  We give a 100 percent full satisfaction guarantee or your money-back.  We are certain you will be satisfied from start to finish.



Twelve Oaks Roofing is a full service roofing company.  Should inclement weather cause snow to stack up or ice damming jeopardize the safety and dependability of your roof, we will be there to remove the snow and ice dams.  If high winds and storms cause branches and other debris to accumulate on your roof, we will be there to clean and clear the area.  Keep our number handy 248-525-6950. Our goal is to protect and preserve your home!!