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How to Choose the Best Roofing Contractors in Canton MI

Need a roof health checkup? Call the top ranking roofing company today. When your health needs to be checked, or you need surgery, you don’t even think about calling an amateur or someone off of a questionable website. You want that person to be highly trained, with years of experience, positive referrals, insurance and the proper licenses. After all, your health deserves it! The same holds true for your home or business. If your property’s health is looking worse for the wear, and is in need of repair, maintenance, or certain structures need to be replaced, you want to find the top company in your neighboorhood. There’s no doubt, the best roofing contractor in Canton, Michigan is Twelve Oaks Roofing. Our customers continually vote us #1 in Performance, Customer Service, and Quality! Our roofing experts are highly experienced in repairing, inspecting and installing CertainTeed and GAF roofs in Canton as well as Northville, Novi, Farmington, Walled Lake, Wixom, South Lyon and West Bloomfield, MI.

Family owned for over 20 years, you can trust and rely on us.  Unlike those bigger corporate roofing organizations, Twelve Oaks Roofing offers you same day, personalized service. Wondering if you need to repair missing or loose shingles?  Need a quotation on roof ventilation and upgrades, skylines, roofing maintenance or a tear off?  We have the answers. We are a fully licensed, certified and insured roofing company experienced in every aspect of the roofing industry. In the winter, we help preserve your roof by offering ice dam removal, roof shoveling, and protective roof coatings. If you own a flat or metal roof, tile roofing, a more modern and “green” roof, or a traditional style, we can repair, inspect and replace it if needed. You’re not just a number at our company, we call you by name and are available if you have a roofing emergency, day or night, on a weekend or holiday, 24/7. We always provide emergency roofing repair services.

 Insurance claims are never a problem for Twelve Oaks Roofing.  Since we are known as the best roofing contractor in Canton, MI, we know that providing all the extras you expect helps us keep our #1 place among our competitors.  We offer:

  • No obligation exterior and interior roofing inspections
  • Fast service – most roofs are installed in one day
  • Affordable payment plans and low interest loans
  • Lifetime no-leak guarantees and warrantees all new roof replacements
  • All the most popular roofing materials and trends
  • Free roof inspection and quotation

Don’t risk your safety by climbing on a ladder to inspect your property’s roof. Leave it to the experts at Twelve Oaks Roofing.  We are 100% liable because we are totally backed by a comprehensive insurance policy, so you will be worry-free. Let us do the climbing and inspecting, so you can relax and enjoy your family and friends.  We have the top roofing plans offered in Canton, Michigan. Simply call us today at 248-525-6950 to talk to our roofing specialists, and check out our latest roofing projects at Everybody’s talking about our reliable, high quality roofing maintenance, repairs and replacements. We look forward to meeting you soon, and don’t forget to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Every homeowner should have a short-list of local services that can be relied on in times of need, repair, and maintenance. Next to your favorite take-out menus magneted to the fridge or saved in your phone you may have a few numbers to call when your home is in need of repair. One for the plumber, appliance repair, and of course, the number for your trusted roofing contractors.

What if you don’t have a favorite Canton, MI roofing team, yet? This is perfectly normal. You might be new to the area, a first-time homeowner, or just tackling roof repair concerns for the first time since buying your house. If you want to find the right local roofing contractors for your Canton MI home, there’s a smart and simple process you can go through to find the very best.

The best roofing contractors in Canton, MI, will be the best roofers for your home, your neighborhood, and for you personally to work with. Let’s dive into how you can determine the roofing contractors in Canton who are worthy of being your go-to number on the fridge for seasonal storm inspections and any necessary roof repairs.

Local Roofing Team

First things first, gather yourself a list of local roofing companies. It’s very important to choose local. The closer you are to a roofer’s home base, the faster they can attend appointments with you, and the easier it will be to schedule your services. Search Google in a radius around Canton, MI, to find the available roofing teams. Choose among the top-ten listed with good online ratings, then examine their location.

Are they really local or just using a shared nearby address? Do they have a BBB listing nearby? Have they been in local business for at least five years? If so, you’re on the right track.


Free or Included Roof Consultation

Roofing is something that can’t be done without first giving an inspection. In order to quote the cost of a repair, we’ll need to take a look and see the condition of your roof. This is called a consultation or inspection. Good roofing contractors often offer a free consultation, meaning we will visit your home and take a look at your roof at no cost to you. From there, we can offer you a more accurate and transparent quote on services. Do not truck with roofing teams that charge for the initial inspection, as this is often a sign of nickel-and-diming in the rest of your future dealings as well.

Look for roofers who will give your home a look and give you an honest opinion without an initial charge. This means the roofers are willing to make an investment in you as a customer and want you to make your choice with the best possible information before any payments are made.


Transparent Quotes and Prices

The best roofers in Michigan offer transparent quotes and pricing. It’s important never to take the lowest bid or quote just because it is the lowest. Often, you can tell the most honorable and reliable teams when the bid includes an itemized list of supplies, labor, and possible additional charges. This is an honest account of your expenses and potential expenses for the roofing, allowing you to make a personal and informed decision.

Only consider roofers who offer you a readable, transparent quote and are willing to talk to you about how the price breaks down. Low, lump-sum bids are more likely to leave out “additional” costs and have surprise closing fees.

Answers All the Essential Questions

  • Experience
  • Licensing
  • Insurance
  • Warranty

When choosing a roofing contractor in Canton, you’ll want to ask a few questions of the contractors you consider. There are a few key questions to ask and you’re listening for the right answers. Ask how long the team has been in business, and if they have direct experience with the type of roofing repair work you need. Ask to see their license and if their roofers are licensed or certified. Ask if the roofing contractors offer insurance for their work or a warranty to secure the quality of the roof once complete.

The answers should be positive, informative, and reassuring. Your roofers should be experienced, licensed, include insurance, and offer a satisfactory warranty on their work. Be sure to ask for evidence and details.


Defined COVID Safety Plan

Right now, there’s one more very important question to ask: do your roofers have a COVID-safe service plan? Fortunately, roofing adapts very well to the current safety protocols. We are used to wearing both gloves and face protection during the job and roofers rarely need to work in very close proximity. Often, we’ve got guys on the roof and the ground, working at a distance from each other. We will also make careful arrangements for no-contact consultations and respectful use of PPE when on the job or near clients.

Your roofers absolutely must have a plan already built and in-place to ensure service safety. Roofing is easy to do under the new normal conditions, but an effort must still be made to eliminate any risk of cross-infection between team members and families alike.


Offers the Variety of Roofing Services You Need

Not all roofing contractors offer all roofing services. Some only do installations; some only do minor repairs. Know the type of roofing work you need and only consider contractors who offer the whole variety. If you need shingle repairs and a little structural impact repair, you’ll need a team that can handle both. If you need a section of your roof completely reinstalled, you need a team who can get the job done. Be sure to ask about services and experience in the type of roofing you need.


Referrals and Testimonials

A roofing contractor’s reputation around town is very important. Their previous work is a sure reflection of work in the future. Ask your contractor for some testimonials from happy customers who can attest to the quality and completion of their work. They may even have a few numbers you can call to get the story straight from the source. You can also do your own investigation, looking into online reviews or asking around for referrals from friends, family, and coworkers. Often, the best roofing contractor in the area will have several people you know who can vouch for them.

The testimonials we hear from others are often the best way to get a real insight into how a team of roofing contractors conducts themselves on-site, in client communications, and how they handle the after-service. Get more than one story, and a picture forms as to what it will be like to work with your chosen Canton roofing service in the long-run.


Can Match Your Roofing Shingle Style & Color

One interesting challenge to set to your future roofers is the ability to match your shingles, especially if you live in an HOA where shingle color and texture might be regulated. Roofs tend to last between 15 and 30 years, longer if they were built more recently. This means that the shingles needed to repair the roof or reinstall it may have been discontinued, or the color formula slightly changed over the years.

Skilled and experienced roofers will know how to approach this. They might carry or have a supplier who has the shingles you need, or they might have some clever suggestions for substitutes that visually and functionally blend, even if your original shingle model is now unavailable.


Helps You  Find the Best-Priced Options

  • Discounts
  • Packages
  • Timing
  • Warranties

Another sign of the best roofers available is whether your contractors help you to safe money. A good partner in home repair will tell you when there’s a better deal to be had, a package discount available, or advise on the most cost-effective time to schedule your repairs. Good roofers want to help you find savings and pass savings they have on to you. You know you can trust a roofer when they are offering not just roof safety advice, but also ensuring you don’t miss an opportunity to catch a discount or a better warranty.

Talk to Canton roofers you are considering about how they can help you find deals. The best, of course, are those who offer you opportunities to benefit from a bundle or a discount without even being asked.


A Team You Can Talk To and Understand

Of course, this leads us to the importance of communication. It is absolutely necessary that your Canton, MI roofers understand your troubles when you explain them, and be understood when they explain the solutions. Your roofers need to have a good rapport with you so that you can work together to take care of the house. If you can’t understand your roofers, you can’t take the right actions to protect your home. So look for roofers you can talk to, who speak to you in a friendly, down-to-earth way that both makes sense and provides transparency for the process, schedule, and costs. This way, you both can always be on the same page when roofing repairs are needed.

Take the time to talk roofing with each contractor you consider, and give bonus points to those who make the situation sound approachable instead of confusing.


Pre-Service Prep Guidance

  • Clear the Driveway
  • Clear the Yard
  • Take Down Wall Decor
  • Dust-Cover the Attic

Another sign that you’re working with an excellent roofing contractor is guidance before a service on how to prepare. There are several things you can do to make your home safer during roofing work and to ensure the roofers are safe as well. Talk to your roofing contractors about what you should do, how to clean up the yard and driveway and how to designate a place for roofing debris to be dropped from above. We will happily provide you with a few helpful pointers like how to keep your decor safe from vibration and what to do about pets and children during the work.


Guaranteed Post-Roofing Cleanup Service

Finally, there’s cleanup. One thing that sets the great roofers apart from the pack is their dedication to leaving your home even cleaner and more beautiful than when the work began. Not only will your roof be complete and in good repair, but dedicated roofers take the time to pick up every dropped shingle, packaging plastic, and roofing nail that may have fallen into your yard.

Cleanup after roofing is very important to keep the family safe. You wouldn’t want children, pets, or barefoot adults to find a roofing nail in the otherwise soft grass, and neither do we. That’s why our team will always take the time for a thorough cleanup after the roofing is done. This cleanup is a part of the service automatically, you don’t have to request and there’s no extra charge.

Before you choose a roofing contractor, be sure to ask if they offer complimentary post-roofing cleanup to ensure your yard and drive are not left a mess by the usual roofing debris.


Sleeting the Best Roofing Contractors for Your Canton MI Home

The best roofing contractors in Canton MI are waiting for you to discover them. That list on your fridge or in your phone needs the addition of at least one more number to offer a complete go-to call sheet for home repairs and maintenance. With the tips and criteria we’ve provided today, you should be very capable of researching local roofers, interviewing, collecting bids, and finally choosing the best roofing contractor for your Canton MI home.

Here at ALLPOINT , we would be honored if you would include our team in your roofing considerations. We strive for excellence and have put many years into building a strong relationship with the local community of homeowners. Let us show you how we go above and beyond for clients with transparency, communication, and a focus on getting you the best roofing services for the best available prices.  Whether your roof needs minor repairs, post-storm inspections, or a full roof reinstallation, we would be proud to be considered the best roofers for your Canton home.